how to make revition fun and rember it!!!

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  3. just revise *****
Posted: 06-12-12 11:56 by Shahjahan Ahmed

The presence of another ignormaus has attended this thread (Shajahan Ahmed)

Posted: 06-12-12 11:56 by Suhel Haque
  1. yolo
  2. some dum *** here
Posted: 06-12-12 11:57 by Shahjahan Ahmed

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Posted: 06-12-12 11:57 by Suhel Haque

I am here to save you the unwashed masses, starting with all the ignoramuses... me and suhel are fighting injustice as the shield

Posted: 06-12-12 11:57 by Khaled Hoque

Shahjahan Ahmed wrote:

  1. yolo
  2. some dum *** here

 Actually, it is dumb***. :(

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Posted: 06-12-12 11:58 by Khaled Hoque

Khaled Hoque wrote:

I am here to save you the unwashed masses, starting with all the ignoramuses... me and suhel are fighting injustice as the shield

 It's great that you have finally realised your mistakes and joined me on the good side.

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Posted: 06-12-12 11:58 by Suhel Haque

Now our mission is to get rid if Shajahan.

Posted: 06-12-12 11:59 by Suhel Haque

some nerd at the other end


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Posted: 06-12-12 11:59 by Khaled Hoque

Please don't swear at me :'(

Posted: 06-12-12 12:00 by Suhel Haque

I'm telling, you guys are mean! LOL

Posted: 06-12-12 12:01 by Khaled Hoque

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Posted: 06-12-12 16:04 by Sabah

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Posted: 06-12-12 16:15 by Waqar Khanny :)

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Posted: 06-12-12 16:21 by Sabah

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Posted: 06-12-12 19:03 by Waqar Khanny :)

everyone just calm down and cut the swearing because you look silly and idiotic, especially if your thread is public. 

Peace to all


Posted: 06-12-12 22:46 by Ruby

A good way to revise is through the production of flash cards and/or a variety of spider diagrams; which could be stuck on your bedroom wall, for example. This is a great way to condense the information into a simpler form, and by going over these a couple of times a day, I can guarentee the information who have to revise will become almost 'engrained' in your memory. Do your best and make revision the priority it needs to be, but don't over work yourself as you could automatically risk over thinking things - and also affecting your mental and physical health. Just try your best, draw up a revision timetable, make flash cards & spider diagrams, and you'll get the grades you want! Good luck :)

Posted: 07-12-12 10:53 by Matthew Noonan

@ khannyz

i say safe bair, jus means cool, bad habit :)

Posted: 08-12-12 14:49 by Alex

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Posted: 08-12-12 19:50 by Waqar Khanny :)