How to make effective geography notes..

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Hey..My geography unit 1 exam GCSE AQA is on the 14th of June...I am doing restless earth, water on the land and living world..I dont know where to start with my notes and how to make them good...

Posted Wed 11th April, 2012 @ 16:32 by Tahira xx

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I do Geography also but not your exam board. 
Geography notes, I find, have to be quite visual and my favourite way of presenting them is through Mindmaps. However, I hate doing mind maps by hand, they get messy, hard to read, they don't fit etc etc. So I use a computer programme called 'Free mind' it's the best programme I've found for revision. Just type 'Freemind' into google- you have to download it but it's free and Legit. It's an amazing tool that creates neat, comprehensive and, most importantly, READABLE, mindmaps. Idk if that'll be any use to you but it's saved my grade in Geography! :) ** 

Answered Wed 11th April, 2012 @ 16:42 by Former Member
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I do Geography but its edexcel, and atm im doing 'the human environment' , i normally use mindmaps with lots of bright colours and stick them on my bedroom wall ** i also use little annotations and pictures too ** after i stick them on the wall i start from one side of my room and read it out and after i see how much i have remembered ** thats my way and of revising as im a visual learner ** Anyways good luck revision :) 

Answered Wed 11th April, 2012 @ 19:47 by Thaniya Christie
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I'm doing restless earth, water on the land and the coastal zone for my paper 1 (physical). I do a mixture of things:

  • Bullet point notes
  • mind maps but with diagrams to explain processes like diagram of a waterfall or volcano
  • make case study sheets summerising each case study for each topic, then i read them and make mind maps of these too.
  • past papers to get used to the style of questions and to test your knowledge. theres no point revising the facts if you can't apply them to the actual questions
  • learn the case studies really well.

I'm  currently expected to get an A* for my exams so this method works (well, at least for me it does:)

Answered Wed 9th May, 2012 @ 18:20 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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i did my physical exam last year , im doing my human geography exam this year , im doing population , globalisation and tourism , for my physical exam i did , restless earth , the coastal zone and rocks resources and scenery 

Answered Wed 11th April, 2012 @ 18:11 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR