How to limit distractoins? Also any tips for staying on top of A level corses?

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Hi, I've just started A level, and I'm getting distracted easily, falling into bad GCSE habits, I'm told that you need more effort, and I have, but i still seem to be getting distracted easily. I was wondering if anyone had any good tips! Also other tips to stay on top to achieve the best marks, I'm doing Maths (Finding it difficult), Philosophy and Ethics, Biology and History. I still have yet to decide on what I would like to be when I grow up, but I guess that's ok for now?

Posted Thu 27th September, 2012 @ 19:04 by Seb

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Don't revise with music - revise in silence

keep your computer off

revise for short periods with regular breaks

are my general tips are

review your notes after each lesson to make sure you have understood everything

find out from your teacher what you will be doing next lesson and look over it before hand - this way you will have more understanding of what you're being taught so the lesson will be more beneficial and you will be able to ask about the sections you are unsure on.

Do as many past papers as you can - they don't even have t be from your exam board, just from the topic you are doing. and when done MARK THEM! you can't learn where you have gone wrong or improve your technique if you don't.

do all of the practice questions/ revision / exam questions in your text book/revision guides without looking the answers up - this will test your knowledge and you can look up more detail after completing questions

Repeat, repeat, repeat. everything. past papers, reviewing, making notes. ust to drill it into your head.

it's never too late or early to start. first exams in January, that isn't long off. especially if you want to relax a bit over Christmas and you have a minimum of 2 other subjects to revise for. i'd revise as much as you can now, not in a month, and then continue up to your exams

it's not quantity, it's quality. no point revising at 3am when you're so tired you will forget it all. but try to get in some each day.

Revise in your free periods! don't just sit around doing nothing. if you don't want to revise or your friends are laughing just do your homework and tell them you're busy so can't do it later or that it's overdue!

My biggest regret was not revising enough during As and getting BDDE - woops

that meant i had to revise loads in A2 as i had loads f retakes. i came out with ABB, but i was under 15 ums marks in each subject of the next grade up and felt if i had done more in AS i might have gotten the higher marks:/ although it was a pretty good improvement not gunna lie:P

So start early and revise hard! don't worry about what your friends are doing, if you think revision is beneficial do it and laugh in august when you  achieve some brilliant results!

Answered Thu 27th September, 2012 @ 19:35 by Alex