How to learn vocab

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Hi everyone,

Just to say - I used to spend ages trying to learn my Italian vocab, but I have a great solution - Byki. Basically it teaches you the vocab, then tests you on it, storing the ones you don't know and re-testing you on them until you know them completely. For me it was completely amazing!

You can download the simple version free, with about 20 lists and 140 words, or the deluxe version for about £30 with over 2000 words and you can create your own lists, so endless vocab lists.

Good luck people

Tiula :)

Posted: 24-03-10 19:53 by Tiula


Posted: 24-03-10 20:14 by Francesco D'Alessio

that is coooooooooooooooooooooool!!!

Posted: 27-03-10 16:43 by Pinkypops