How to learn my spanish speaking

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Hi! :)
I am revising at the moment and I am wondering if anyone has any tips to help me learn my spanish speaking?
thanks! :)

Posted Mon 4th June, 2012 @ 12:02 by Josie Wilders

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I always used to memorise it chunk by chunk and after learning particular sections practice writing it out, as I found by writing it it stuck in my head more. Once I had written out the whole thing from memory, I then used to sometimes record myself on my phone to time it and to get used to having hestitations etc. It also then used to help to play it back and read over it at the same time so I could double check I was getting it right.

I got an a* in all my orals so it worked for me, a bit ott but hope it helps aha :) Good luck and most importantly try not to stress- all you are doing is talking! 

Answered Tue 12th June, 2012 @ 21:23 by Terrie
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Oh gosh!

The dreaded speaking exam!

All I can say is make little revision cards with chunks of it on, and get someone to help you.

I got my sister to hold my sheet and I'd keep saying it out, and if I got it wrong, she'd tell me what to say and we'd keep on doing that until I knew it. We'd have little breaks until she'd be like "go!" and I'd hit it from the top!

All I can say is keep saying it everyday, with someone there to correct you when you get it wrong, good luck!

Answered Mon 4th June, 2012 @ 12:13 by deehammond
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if you learn it 'parrot fashion' if you stumble in the exam your going to find it really difficult to pick it back up....... we are told ( i am in a top set (a* grade) ) that you should write your answers in spanish translate them back into english learn it that way and then in your exam translate it back its so much easier becuase you will learn it quicker in english its just the translation you may struggle with at first.......persevereee xxxxx

Answered Tue 12th June, 2012 @ 21:15 by Amber
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What I do is learn it to a song. Just pick the tune to a song you know very well and sing the words you need to learn to the song. It is easier to Learn lyrics than just Spanish. It helps me a lot and is good for last minute revision. It also helps to walk around and not to revise for more than 30 minutes at a time. I often use billionaire as my songs as it is simple
Good luck in your exam!!!

Answered Mon 6th January, 2014 @ 18:52 by Jodiemorris_13
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what i did was say it to my self and learn one paragraph at a time, keep going over it until you can say the whole peice without even looking at the paper.

Answered Mon 4th June, 2012 @ 14:15 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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i wrote the seperate paragraphs/ sentences on postits and stuck them everywhere throughout the kitchen so that whenever i was washing/drying up  or cooking i could read them. i also recorded me saying the entire thing and played it to myself when i was drawing/ dogwalkiing/sleeping. i was soooo sick of the sound of my own voice but it worked really well. i also did a similar thing to Deanna with my sister.

it worked because my average spanish grade is a D/C.....but i got an A :D

Answered Tue 5th June, 2012 @ 13:52 by Renn
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I write it out again and again and again, I know it might seem like a waste of ink time and paper but it works for me...  :)

Answered Fri 10th August, 2012 @ 13:59 by Emma12770