how to lay a stastistics courswework

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i wuld like to kno i do u write a stastistics cw, i hav done the planning, nd i need to do the main cw but dunno how to lay it out

Posted: 22-02-11 12:36 by Thanu

wat is the topic about

Posted: 28-02-11 06:27 by Manthan Patel

wat is the topic about

Posted: 28-02-11 06:28 by Manthan Patel

im doing statistics cw aswell the topic is about where the housprices are most expensive, but not sure how to lay it out.. any tips?

Posted: 09-04-11 20:50 by Mashhal

Oops..late reply? Anyway- you just start by summarising all your analysis, or quote the comments you made on your graphs, tables, etc and then go on to explain these results statistically + real life. How richer people would live in houses that are more expensive..and then you just evaluate what you could have done better/ what you did right and conclude whether you think your final statements are legit. =D Hope it helped anyway..if not..Really, not going there, lol =$

Posted: 03-05-11 18:17 by Lizzy

i am doing a controleld assessment for stats based on the theme paper and pencil. how cum u guys do coursework?

Posted: 03-04-12 17:21 by sadsad