how to get a good mark in the research method

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it as psychology and i need tips on how to get good mark like 5/6 on a six mark question or 7 on a eight mark question

Posted Thu 5th December, 2013 @ 10:56 by shadaye

1 Answer

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we always got told to remember AMRC
Aim of the study - what are they trying to find out

Method - is it a lab experiment, case study etc.


Conclusion of the study

Also try and mention how it supports or refutes the theory or approach you are talking about.

In terms of evaluation, look at:
can you establish cause and effect

is it highly scientific and is there a high degree of control?

are demand characteristics likely to confound results?

does it lack ecological validity?

Finally can it be applied to real life?

Hope this helps....i don't know if i answered your question as you wanted :) if not just ask again! :)  

Answered Wed 11th December, 2013 @ 19:39 by MachoNachoNinja