How to get a good grade in Maths?

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So at the end of the year there's this big exam which determines which set we're going to be in and how good our maths is. I REALLY want to please my teachers and parents by getting a good grade and so far I'm just getting the average grade. I'm in set 2 which is one of the best sets. Also, I have this extreme fear of tests/exams (testophobia) so every time I'm in an exam, my hands get sweaty, my heart's beating rapidly, I forget everything- I once forgot my name in a maths exam! The exam's in 2 weeks - any advice? 

Posted Sat 5th May, 2012 @ 11:32 by LP-FTW

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Yerpp do as many past papers as you can before hand ... itll help you to stop panicking when you look at a question in the real exam cause youll know what to do (looking at markss chmees is also good)... because ost questions are fairly similar. gutter thta you have this phobia , you just have to think to your self that you can do it andd that the results of exams dont definee who you are. hope this helps and good luck x

Answered Sat 5th May, 2012 @ 12:05 by Edward Pinches
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Practise practise practise! And do some reading up on managing phobias - there are lots of websites and places/people to help. But as for the exam coming up, make sure you get lots of revision done so you know the way to work it out like the back of your hand. Then practice some breathing and calming exercises to help manage your phobia. I wish you good luck on your exam!! :-)

Answered Sun 6th May, 2012 @ 20:29 by Hannah <3
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You should look up maths videos- its always best to find out different methods of doing something, so that you can use the one youre most comfortable with :) theres a software called MathsWatch that's really good,it explains how to do everything, and what grades they are, but you'd have to buy it o.O good luck! 

Answered Sun 6th May, 2012 @ 21:30 by Me :D