How to choose a reliable software developer?

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How to choose a reliable software developer? Are there any basic selection criteria? What should I pay attention to?

Posted: 20-12-19 11:19 by kventin

Any IT company operates in different niches. And if it has been on the market for a long time, it means that it has managed to accumulate knowledge and expertise in various fields. Therefore, in my opinion it is important to make sure that the developer you have selected has experience in your niche and find out which stack it uses.

Posted: 21-12-19 04:59 by klemma

I believe that the security and reliability of software is very important, so we turned to Light IT web development services and did not regret it. These professionals have developed a truly effective product for us.

Posted: 21-12-19 06:21 by frayn

Before ordering development, first look at the portfolio of company cases. After studying it, you will find out what projects the development team worked on.

Posted: 08-03-20 12:00 by arriva

In any type of activity it is very important to find reliable web developers. How successful your business will be depends on this. That's why when we needed a new mobile app, we got in touch with and were satisfied with the product provided to us.

Posted: 11-03-20 15:40 by rorita