How to choose a reliable software developer?

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How to choose a reliable software developer? Are there any basic selection criteria? What should I pay attention to?

Posted: 20-12-19 11:19 by kventin

Before ordering development, first look at the portfolio of company cases. After studying it, you will find out what projects the development team worked on.

Posted: 08-03-20 12:00 by arriva

In any type of activity it is very important to find reliable web developers. How successful your business will be depends on this. That's why when we needed a new mobile app, we got in touch with and were satisfied with the product provided to us.

Posted: 11-03-20 15:40 by rorita

I would say that you should look at testimonials that you can find on and also read carefully the services description if that's something that meets your requirements. Look at the cases and a list of companies that a software developer company worked with, it says a lot, depends on what you need, I know you a good developer of eLearning portals my company was satisfied with the solution the've developed for us

Posted: 15-04-20 15:23 by kkevich

Hey! It is very important issue to work with the reliable partner and the company with the world name. I run my educational project 5 years ago and Computools helped me to estimate all the project processes and created the website and mobile app to interact with learners and courses participants. I can recommend these guys to cooperate with on the constant basis. 

Posted: 22-04-20 16:05 by Raydon33

in any case, you need to approach with special attention to the choice of the developer

Posted: 24-04-20 10:22 by frayn

Every IT company works on diverse niches. And if it’s been on the market long enough, that means this company has been able to accumulate knowledge and expertise in various fields. For example, ruby on rails agency has been specializing in outsourcing for a long time. And from day one, he’s been working with large companies.

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Posted: 24-04-20 11:51 by klemma

The best way to find a good web developer is to look for their past work and testimonials. However, this process can not guarantee you that your trusted developer will work up to your expectation. There might be some limitations. The best way is to outsource a prolific software development company because they have a whole team with different expertise who can look up to each phase of development. Majority business owners prefer companies over individual developers.

Posted: 21-05-20 08:51 by Timothyshaw

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Posted: 04-06-20 12:49 by sharonfrankklin

There are a lot of reliable development companies worldwide. But the last time I worked with Qubit Labs offshore software development company and I can recommend it. Also, you can read the article "How to hire a programmer if you are not a techie?" here

Posted: 22-07-20 11:24 by GillyHeil

To correct errors on my work device, I had to remove the application that caused them. However, some application files on my device system could not be uninstalled, so I installed an additional uninstaller that I found out about on my favorite software site best free uninstaller. There are many useful posts about new applications.

Posted: 10-08-20 13:46 by yboen

I think there are steps that need to be taken before the developers begin their task. As I remember, the first and most important question is what your application should do !! That is, think over everything! How the application will be profitable, how users will use it well to present, or better yet write or draw, it will save you money and time. Next, you need to google companies that develop such applications, for example, your request to google may look like this ”ios development services” then you look at reviews about the company on and the like, also studying the issue of portfolio and examples of already created products that the company has. The next step is a conversation with the manager, you communicate and if the price, quality suits you, you like communication, I think that then this is your specialist

Posted: 03-09-20 09:38 by Asia_Sin

Let’s say you have too many options. It’s about nailing the choice. 1st, sort out your priorities. 2nd, look into the portfolios of software development enterprises and tally them with your requirements. Third, look into the testimonials for an idea about their repute. Fourth, get a quote for the probable expenses. And last, drop them a line! For more details please visit here:

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Posted: 16-09-20 12:21 by appie12

Hey, Kventin always checks that developer has worked on something similar type of project which you are looking for. Apart from that how they are going to create your software, web, and app development from scratch.How much they are going support once it gets life and most important what approach they are going to follow while developing apps.

Posted: 28-10-20 07:39 by Ankit86

in my opinion every software should be well designed. this is very important and I'm sure it is a bad idea to save on this. contact this company for help and you will be pleasantly surprised by their uniqueness. in addition, they will be able to advise you on any issue in this area

Posted: 01-11-20 12:03 by Filimon

Thanks for sharing this info!

Posted: 02-11-20 13:22 by Jamesinho

Search through directories and reviews to find potentially suitable IT vendors that meet your expectations. Go to research-based platforms. I can recommend this custom web development company

Posted: 26-01-21 15:33 by HaroldJenkins