How significant do you think the title "To Kill A Mockingbird" is?

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In TKAM do you think the title is significant to the plot and deeper themes/messages, or is it just a title? Let me know what you think :) ***

Posted: 09-04-10 17:34 by Emily Peacock

I think the title of To Kill A Mockingbird is really significant to the plot and deeper themes and messages because through out the book, references to the mockingbird are made. Jem and Scout are told by Atticus that it is a sin "to kill a mockingbird.. all they do is sing their hearts out for us to listen to" and I think this could link to two different characters in the book. Firstly, Tom Robinson who is sent to jail and killed for something he did not do, in this sense he is a mockingbird because all he did was good and he got shot for it. Another character could be Boo, just because he is different, people assume he has something to hid.

Let me know what you think.... :) xxxxx

Posted: 11-04-10 17:19 by Emily Peacock

To Kill a Mockingbird symbolises the killing of the innocent, the harming of the innocent and this is a theme in the book with the unfair racism with Tom Robinson and his trial and also the interference in Boo Radleys life. When Bob Ewell is killed it was an act of protection and charging or reporting Boo Radley would be like killing the innocent as he committed a heroic act to help others. It is very significant as it teaches the children not to interfere, judge or harm others.

Posted: 05-01-11 20:19 by Abigail Vanham