How Should I Revise For A Main Exam And A Retake At The Same Time??

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I am revising for my A2 AQA Psychology Exam and the retake which are 4 days apart. 

What is the best revision strategy to use and any tips to blitz the A2 AQA exams because I need good grades to get into Uni. 

Much Appreciated 

Ashlee :)

Posted: 30-05-11 13:39 by Ashlee

Go over stuff you're not confident with but make sure that you revise the rest too! At first revise a bit more for the first exam because after that you have 4 days to focus more on the other one!

Take breaks inbetween revision then you'll get more of it in!

Hope it helps and GOOD LUCK!! :-)

Posted: 30-05-11 17:51 by Hannah

Thanks Hannah, Been Revising Like That, So I Hope It Works

Thanks For The Help

Good Luck In Your Exams 2!!!! :D

Posted: 30-05-11 21:23 by Ashlee

I, personally, find that information sticks in my brain over a shorter period of time. So, I guess your choice boils down to whether or not you would feel comfortable revising for the retake only in the 4 days before the exam. Do you have other comitments during these days? Are there lots of things you want to go over?

If yes, then maybe start revising the retake a few days  before the first exam, then switch back to one the first exam, take the first exam, then go back to the second exam. 

Posted: 30-05-11 22:30 by Kerri-Anne

Thanks For The Advice, I Will Find A Solution

However, I Have A Business Exam During the 4 Daya And There is a lot of stuff to remember

good luck in your exams 

Ashlee :)

Posted: 31-05-11 22:16 by Ashlee