How many of you have BEEN to germany???

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i haven't and i am worried it will hold me back???

Posted: 08-03-10 13:34 by Pose

I've been and I learnt nothing :)

Posted: 14-03-10 11:19 by Agnes

I went on the exchange, and it really helped me, but only a few people get to go, so if you revise and pick up things at school well enough, you won't need to! Everyone else can manage without going, so it'll be fine! :)

Posted: 06-04-10 19:33 by Jenny

i went and it was fun but hardly learnt anything! x

Posted: 07-04-10 15:36 by natalie

I've never been, but i dont think it will affect my grade in any way. Im predicted an A*, and im sure i'll achieve it, even without going to germany. all we need is a little revision!!!!!! :D

Posted: 07-01-11 15:29 by minnie

I've been and it definitely helped... but I think it's only worth it if you're going to make an effort to try and speak the language and make the most of being there. If you can't get there though... I reckon there's plenty of other ways to make up for it- even if they're not as fun!! :)

Posted: 16-01-11 12:53 by H

i life there since i was young now i am here for a year

Posted: 04-04-11 13:33 by daniela diercks

i lived there for 3 years, it definitely helps with the listening part of the exam

Posted: 09-04-11 12:09 by liv

i go every exmas

Posted: 11-04-11 16:16 by Alice Hudson

I have no idea for what level the exam is for but here are some links to help:

I visit Germany every summer and I learned a lot there. Know the grammar structures really well (Dativ,Akkusativ, Genetiv, Der/Die/Das, Past vs Past perfect tense). 

In terms of culture you might want to know the names of a few artists, musicians, politicians, landscape etc.

More details about the exam and I can help you. 

Posted: 12-04-11 23:50 by Lorianna

I've been three times, twice on an exchange and once on a trip.. The exchange really helped me, I still talk to my partner in German loads and she helps me with my weak areas in German, and I help her with the same in English. It's also really good for picking up vocabulary :) 

Posted: 25-04-11 10:50 by Jessica Cozens

I went 2wice. It's not necessary to go though... you'll do alright!!

Posted: 07-05-11 17:08 by Emma

I went on an exchange and it really improved my German but I didn't get on well with my parrtner who didn't make any effort.However most people loved it and the day trips were great! It''s a good experience x

Posted: 03-06-11 15:09 by Lottie

I went to the german exchange and it was really good! The first two days i was too embarassed to speak German and then i just did and i learnt alot - By the end of the week i actually started dreaming in German!! Weird :P

Posted: 08-06-11 15:14 by Randomerxx

Berlin is the best!! also went on a german exchange to rendsburg :)

Posted: 08-06-11 15:32 by Kelly:)

I went 2 years ago. I think it broadened my range of german vocab but if anything it introduced me most to their culture. I'm seriously considering working out there, so definately doing a level german :)

It's like my baby :P x

Posted: 11-10-11 20:42 by Ellie Stone

I have been twice :)

Posted: 30-11-11 16:28 by Ammy

I know it is a late reply..I think you would have been fine without going to Germany!However, I can not really state the fact as I was born in German and brought up there.However, I hope you did well (if you have done the exams). :D

Posted: 13-02-12 11:25 by Priya

I have been 4 times, and this year will be my 5th.

Honestly, not going will not hold you back (if you work hard enough!) but going to Germany helps you to use the language in a natural situation.

Posted: 26-04-12 12:26 by Libby

I went on an exchange for a month this February and I'm going back in July and during that time I'll have a week's work experience in a book shop.

Exchanges are awesome! The best way to learn a langauge, and to learn "proper" language, i.e. how people REALLY talk.

If your teacher has contacts with a german school or small business - get in touch. Honestly, it's the best way to learn, and without it I would really be struggling this year, because my grammar is great but my vocab is terrible.

If you can't get on an exchange, watch some German films - and preferably not German translations of American films, because you end up with words like "cowboy" and "Sheriff" and "spaceman doll" if you watch something like Toy Story ;)

Posted: 02-05-12 20:30 by Bethan