How many minute block does everyone revise for and do you work in silence or with music?

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Small breaks?

Posted: 31-05-11 19:28 by Anon

do what YOU feel is the neccesary amount - everyone is different

Posted: 31-05-11 21:47 by Chris

DEFINITELY music for me. can't concentrate at all without it...very bad habit coz in school we're not allowed to listen to music while revising so i just sit there and pretend lol. It has to be music i know the lyrics to so that i don't pay attention to it and it sort of fades into the background....and time? depends how i feel....but like mentioned before, everyone is different :D

Posted: 31-05-11 23:06 by Me

i have to work in complete silence otherwise I cant concentrate! :-)

Posted: 01-06-11 11:37 by Hannah

Hannah wrote:

i have to work in complete silence otherwise I cant concentrate! :-)

Same!! :) It's soo frustrating when you can't concentrate coz people are being noisy around you :L

Posted: 01-06-11 15:36 by Emma

I always have like kids in my house and that drives me mad cos i want the house to be like peaceful, although i do like  30 min revision and like 3 hours tv :P

Posted: 01-06-11 15:55 by Lamise Hassan

with me it's 15 minutes then questions then repeat then have a break.

i work with my headphones in but no music :P it works for me haha

Posted: 02-06-11 17:30 by world conqueror

An hour a time, fifteen minute break and SILENCE! :D

Posted: 02-06-11 23:19 by Emily Summers

urm I have to revise for a long period of time with only short breaks otherwise I'll get into the swing of revising, then in my break I'll forget it all! So I revise for 3 hours, then take a 1 hour break and apparently its not good to revise with music as even though it may seem not so distracting, it is to your brain as part of your brain has to focus on the music, so theres less overall concentration put into revision with music playing then its got to be silent for me! :)

Posted: 03-06-11 13:12 by Sara

I revise differently depending on how much i feel i need to learn. Usually for half an hour then i switch to another subject then switch to another and so on. I sometimes have music on - depending on again how much i feel i need to learn! Everyone will revise for different amounts of time depending on what best suites them and their subjects! :-)

Posted: 04-06-11 14:17 by TayaMairead

2 hours a subject per day  is really effective

Posted: 04-06-11 14:19 by Daphne

30 mins for a topic i do not know much about without music with and 10 minute break

25 mins for a topic i know a little bit or i am sort of confident on with a 10 min break

Posted: 04-06-11 15:31 by Tiffany

SILENCE!!!!! :)

Posted: 04-06-11 16:12 by Hannah

Lol, ^^^  you sound like my History teacher :)

Posted: 04-06-11 16:30 by Sara

In silence usually - and in about half an hour chunks :)

Ususally does the trick ^^

Posted: 05-06-11 19:06 by Former Member

In absolute silence in 50 minute slots with 10 minute breaks :D

Posted: 05-06-11 19:08 by Amina

One of my teachers said to listen to an album per topic if we listent o music because apparently it helps you seperate it and remember them seperately. :D

Posted: 06-06-11 17:05 by Abby Smith

an hour of each subject per day, which works out like 9 hours a day, with half an hour breaks. music also helps me concentrate.

Posted: 07-06-11 14:03 by Robyn

For me it depends onthe subject, for subjects that require more concentration like maths and science I don't use music, but I always listen to music when revising for Spanish (although sometimes I just end up singing lol)

I usually revise each subject for 30 mins to 1 hour with a break half way though each one.

Posted: 10-04-12 17:10 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR