How many hours should you revise a night.

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Posted: 24-04-12 09:50 by [email protected]@xxXxx

Purine what a Guanine

Posted: 24-04-12 12:17 by Luke Hewings

Luke Hewings wrote:

Purine what a Guanine

 wat does dat mean?????

Posted: 24-04-12 17:20 by Sabah x


Posted: 24-04-12 19:25 by Oliver

guanine is one of the 4 bases DNA is made up of

Posted: 25-04-12 18:33 by Nathan

ohhh kay! :)

Posted: 25-04-12 18:39 by Sabah x

what does BUMP mean?

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Posted: 25-04-12 18:49 by Nathan

bring up my post - i think! :)

Posted: 25-04-12 18:51 by Sabah x

thank you

going to have a nap now bye

Posted: 25-04-12 18:52 by Nathan

haha lol =p

Posted: 25-04-12 18:54 by Sabah x

you shouldn't revise 4-5hours a day? your brainw ill get confused and wont be able to take that munch information! so, if i was you i would revise for like an hour and then go of and do something, like go for a walk. take a hot bath, go on your phone...

Posted: 26-04-12 20:26 by sahira

I tend to start revision early so that your doing little but often and all that revision time builds up. for example i have GCSE History exams in june so i started revision 2 months ago and started doing just 30 mins a night and it does work  

Posted: 30-04-12 13:50 by James Bailey

I do about 7/8.

Posted: 30-04-12 14:20 by SheldonCooper

i find it really hard  to keep  on track any sugestions

Posted: 30-04-12 18:07 by Rose