How many hours of revision should you be putting in for GCSE's?

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I'm revising for my basically practice GCSE's now (yr10) and as we have to treat them like the real GCSE's how many hours of revision should I be doing? :)

Posted Wed 19th April, 2017 @ 17:50 by LouiseB12

3 Answers

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not alo aim for around 2 hrs per day

Answered Wed 19th April, 2017 @ 17:54 by MohammedAbbas
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1-2 howers per subgect per day

Answered Sun 14th May, 2017 @ 12:10 by icecubes180
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I guess it depends on how strong you are in a subject and also on other stuff like your schedule and how much you prefer studying on a daily basis. For getting good grades I would suggest about 5-6 hours. I've been through it myself. In fact I finished my GCSE course this Jan. If you're comfortable with a subject don't bother spending too much time for it. Spend a predominant portion in something you're unsure of. Maybe 1hr extra for a subject you're doubtful in. Hope this helps. When are your exams anyway?

Answered Wed 9th August, 2017 @ 18:36 by Meg0612