How many hours do I need to study per day to achieve A/A*'s?

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...P.S. I am currently doing GCSE's...

Posted Fri 14th September, 2012 @ 16:43 by Pixie~Flirt (:

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there is no set time you should revise.

it's much better to assign yourself realistic aims of what you want to do instead of saying you will revise for a set period of time- this way you can't sit for hours doing one question and convince yourself you done loads.

i would say do a reasonable amount every night

concentrate on doing past papers, every question in your exercise book and making general notes. work in an exam conditions environment and Don't forget to mark your work afterwards! there is no point on doing past papers if you don't mark them to see where you have gone wrong and how to improve!

It's not the quantity, it's more the quality of revision! :)

Answered Fri 14th September, 2012 @ 18:27 by Alex
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Heyyy :)

ideally you should spend around about the same time you do at school per subject at home revising and practising doing plenty of past papers.. :)

this is according to many teachers i have asked.. :)

hope this helps ;)

p.s. i am doing a-levels so yeah from experience i think you should put roughly the same amount of time as you do per subject at school in outside of school in order to achieve the grades you want.. ;)

BUT don't over do it..;)

Answered Fri 14th September, 2012 @ 17:55 by Muzz :P
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Thank you :) 

Answered Tue 18th September, 2012 @ 17:01 by Pixie~Flirt (: