how light&dark is symbolised in Of Mice&Men.. :) xx

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i'm doing my essay on of mice€ and men and i really need a paragrapgh about how light€€ and dark is used in of mice and men .. €and how it symbolised things in the novella. please help me :( *** it's my first time on this website , oh and i'mm doing gcse year 10 :) thankyouuu x essay on tuesday :(

Posted Tue 21st February, 2012 @ 00:10 by sadoof_smallz

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Hi :) I did Of mice and men so long ago but...

You could talk about Curley's wife's first enterance when she stands in the door way and blocks the light. You could say that it symbolises/ indicates that she will have a negative impact on the characthers in the room.

Hope this helped :D

Answered Tue 21st February, 2012 @ 13:25 by Fyzah :p