how is the best way to revise for a gcse in german because i find reading and listening papers hard!

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i havent been taught any vocab i know verbs and some things but i know i really need to work on that anyway.. does anyone know some good apps on the iphone or websites to help even? or good revision books?

Posted Wed 27th March, 2013 @ 22:18 by yasmin nikookam

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For learning vocab you can't beat a flashcard app - there are several for iphone and you can usually download cards created by other students for free once you've bought the app. (The cards are hosted on sites like quizlet and flashcard exchange.) Anki is excellent and free for your PC though hideously expensive for the iphone version. It's really important that you test yourself rather than just reading the vocab with english/german side by side.

For listening practice you do just need to listen. Have a look at the exam board website - they may have past listening papers to use. If your own exam board don't, try one of the others (AQA, WJEC, edexcel, OCR) - all the GCSEs should be the same standard. Listening to radio and such like will be probably too hard but watching a film or TV show you already know well in German can be useful (my french got loads better after watching Friends in french 3 million times).

Answered Thu 28th March, 2013 @ 12:17 by janet m
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