How is Physics like in A-level ?

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Oh I have to wait till year 13 to do the extended project, what topic are you doing for it? And is it hard?

Posted: 28-10-12 21:17 by Joanne

Sorry to interupt .. but what's extended  project ?

Posted: 28-10-12 21:19 by ? Secret - Team GR

It's worth an AS level and you do research and stuff into a particular topic and you do a whole project on it - that's all I know so far.

Posted: 28-10-12 21:20 by Joanne

You choose any question and then you study it and give an answer to the question. It takes a lot of work including secondary and primary research and you have to choose a question which is more than yes/no. You get marked based on your time management and you have to do a presentation to your class at the end of the year. It is about 3000/5000 words depending on the type of project. There are 4 types - but I cannot remember the names they have. 

Good but a little boring - universities love it by the way.

Posted: 28-10-12 21:22 by Former Member

What topic/type are you doing for yours?

Posted: 28-10-12 21:23 by Joanne

umm... I think it was investigation (with primary and secondary research), and my subject is medicine.

I think the others are dissertation (secondary research only), drama (using acting etc) and one where you make something - like model, DVD etc. 

Posted: 28-10-12 21:26 by Former Member

Oh does it say what you have to do for each one?

Posted: 28-10-12 21:31 by Joanne


Investigation = 3000 words including primary/secondary research

Dissertation = 5000 words of only secondary research

There are requirements for the others, but I do not know them.

Posted: 28-10-12 21:35 by Former Member

Oh okay thanks for your help!

Posted: 28-10-12 21:37 by Joanne

That's ok =]

Posted: 28-10-12 21:38 by Former Member

I am currently doing Physics at A2 and wish to study it at university. Last year was awful because of the teaching and i completely lost my passion for it but somehow i came out with an A just by studying past papers. The course content is miniscule compared to most other subjects but unless you have a real passion for it or believe your teachers will make you love it then you will probably do better in another subject. It might be worthwhile to look at what you'll be studying and whether you can get truly into it and be motivated enough to study independently.

Posted: 30-10-12 23:45 by Tacky

Thanks Tacky .. What topics did you cover in As Physics ? And congratulations on your results :) u did really well ! XD

Posted: 31-10-12 11:01 by ? Secret - Team GR

Thank you :) We are on ocr b, advancing physics and covered materials, imaging, mechanics, wave behaviour and quantum mechanics. The latter 3 subjects were more interesting than the others but moredifficult. The choice to take Physics is your own it's whether you will find those topics more interesting than topics in another subject. Chemistry is really interesting at AS but quite difficult!

Posted: 31-10-12 15:35 by Tacky

Ur welcome :) Beside, physics what other subjects are you studying.. and how you finding you have a specific career or degree you want to do ?

Posted: 31-10-12 15:38 by ? Secret - Team GR

I am now doing Maths, Physics and Geography. Geography is very interesting but i just can't see me doing a degree in it. I have applied to my 5 unis now all for Physics with Astronomy. I'm unsure about career just yet, what would you like to do?

Posted: 31-10-12 15:45 by Tacky

That sounds amazing .. astronomy :) What uni is your first choice ? I have no specific career yet and I am not sure about degree either, thats why I am trying to keep my options as open as possible.. 

BTW I'm sorry for all the questions :( Just ignore them / me if I'm getting annoying

Posted: 31-10-12 15:48 by ? Secret - Team GR

It's alright haha...My first choice is probably Bristol, i love it there. It's good to keep your mind open, maybe a natural sciences course? That covers loads and it's highly regarded.

Posted: 31-10-12 15:52 by Tacky

i get interested and fascinated by things people say.. and then i become like really nosed XD Aw, well if you love the uni, then hopefully you will do well :) thanks for you advice,well im planning to do maths, english, chemistry and politics at a-levels, (or replace on of them with physics) then depending on how well i do in a-levels.. ill decide which degree is the best..

Thank you soo much for your advice !!

Posted: 31-10-12 15:56 by ? Secret - Team GR

I want to go to Bristol too, it looks really nice there :)

Posted: 31-10-12 19:01 by Joanne

No worries! :) Yeah it really does!

Posted: 03-11-12 12:23 by Tacky