How is it possible to get an A grade in geometry and measures because i find it so hard on algebra i got an grade B so why do i find it so hard

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I am currently doing Gcse's and I want to exceed the teachers predictions of c's and B grades. They think I can not get any A* I want to prove them wrong!

Posted Tue 1st May, 2012 @ 21:54 by Kely

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practise exam questions are alwaays the best because you need to be able to apply the skill and I suggest the topic your revising for, first practise D questions then C ... and work your way up to A*  questions

I suggest with algebra you practise it a lot until your confident.Continuosly practise until your fluent.. you need to be fluent in working with alegbra, as this will help you get a higher grade.

Answered Fri 4th May, 2012 @ 17:11 by ? Secret - Team GR