How is everyone getting on for A2 Geography contested planet unit 3?

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Anyone have any useful information for the section B synoptic paper?

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Posted: 18-12-12 21:28 by Tasneem


I've recently just done a mock paper for Contested Planet in my college, and Section B looks rather appealing to me right now, was hoping it would be Energy to be honest with you. I'm liking the Nuclear aspect of section B, plenty of branching links to talk about; more obviously the environmental damage it causes in comparison to the dirty fuel like coal you know? Typical environmental damage like extraction of resources like Uranium.

But hey if I can find this link there is something up to date for Nuclear power I've recently found which would be useful when considering its environmentally friendly aspects etc, there has been development of new nuclear power stations that use nuclear waste to create energy and the waste produceds half life is only around 300 in comparison to the real high ones of Uranium etc in normal reactors. :D 

Of course introduction and conclusion are important, but really the conclusion. I'd get a load of background information sunk in about each EU countries opinion on the alternative Nuclear power, especially the UK with our rejuvinated love for coal again!

Posted: 02-01-13 15:40 by Ellice

Thanks soo much for the info! I will add this to my notes:) I have also been analysing section B. I think the following questions are likely to come up in the exam:

- outline the strengths and weaknesses of using nuclear energy to secure Western Europe energy future

- Describe and explain how and why opinon on nuclear power differs in Western Europe

- Evaluate the threats to Western Europe in choosing nuclear energy as a way to meet demand/security

- Explain the contribution that nuclear can make to Western Europe energy security

- Assess the factors underlying Western Europe's varying reliance on nuclear power.

- Assess the role of different players in determining Western Europe's future energy security

 Yes I agree there is many links to talk about especially with regards to environmental damage that nuclear power causes. I still need to find up-to-date info on Western Europe's reliance on nuclear power.

Posted: 02-01-13 17:56 by Tasneem

I always find the key players element of most things quite difficult, not sure why, but hey.

Any of those questions you think are probably going to derive from it are brilliant, really hope one of them is the actual thing...

if I find anything on Nuclear and Europes opinion I'll post it on this thread :D

Posted: 02-01-13 18:02 by Ellice

Thanks, same here I also think the key players is the most difficult out of all them, but once we get the hang of it I think we'll manage :)

I found this link which is really useful about Western Europe's energy future... let me know what you think. 

Posted: 02-01-13 20:03 by Tasneem

Yeah definitely! And wow thanks! This is great.

Posted: 03-01-13 11:05 by Ellice