How is everyone finding there exams so far?

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How is everyone finding there exams so far (please dont swear or it will be blocked from my school computor!)

Posted: 25-05-12 09:11 by Georgia Sowden

Ok, I didn't do brilliantly in my Physics but I don't think I failed, but I'm really nervous about my english exam as I need at least a B and my maths exams, these are in the next few weeks.

Posted: 25-05-12 20:00 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Ive got physics this week :/ But english was okay!

Posted: 26-05-12 13:19 by Georgia Sowden

I've got physics on Wednesday AQA and I'm worried :/

Posted: 26-05-12 14:03 by Joanne

mines OCR and I haven;t failed any  but its still a tad worrying 

Posted: 26-05-12 17:16 by Georgia Sowden