How is Aristotle linked to the History of Medicine?

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How was he linked to Ancient Greek Medicine? Anything, however short, would be good because I'm just really stuck!

Posted Mon 6th June, 2011 @ 14:07 by EL

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he was at platos academy in athens and firmly beleived in experimentation and observation. he used the four humours that linked to the 4 qualitys (hot cold wet and dry) that galen (i think) developed. he later developed his own acedemy where he taught alexander the great. but he did say things that were complete tosh like he said that inferior animals like insects came from decomposing material that was regenerating so their growth was limitless. he was really interested in the heart and thought that in the heart there was an internal flame that was kept by a spirit called pneuma (this produced heat) and that the heart was the most important organ because when your heart stopped, you died. he saw that even in embryos the heart was one of the first things in the initial stages in the organisms development - the first to be born the last to die. he did dissections on fertilised chicks eggs to find this out.

he also beleived that food was changed by heat into blood in the body and that the liver was responsible for th transformation and the heart provided the heat. he also beleived that the brain was used to reduce the heat of the body.

all in all he made some very wrong judgments about the body so hindered medicine for about 2000 years! but his opinion that observation and experimentation was a good one.

hope this helps!!! if you need any more help i did medicine through time for my history gcse =D

Answered Mon 6th June, 2011 @ 19:05 by olivia