How I revise is very different...

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Personally, I find most of the revision skills a bit boring. Such as revision cards, I find them very useless, I don't see the point of them. And then menonics. No point in them either, revision notes? You recorded them in the book.

The way I see it and how I do it , is different. So I would in class copy as much as down, and then revise by reading it. If the assement is on a lessons, then I will remember the question and then answer it at home so I can do it for next lesson. The thing I like doing the most is highligthing, it's just a really good way of reading information. And then I write little notes between the information.

The other thing is my teachers are reluctant to give their past papers. So I have to take them without anyone noticing them. I tend to revise using exam questions a lot. For history and English, including maths. Thing is, I'm very old fashioned. My parents would generally just cram everything in. I am able to digest big stacks of text books in a minute. Even If I don't get it in my head. I can read and cram every day. For science, def, I can write down the notes and record them, and then I just read and read and read. Thats how I work.

What do you think of my revision skills? A bit old fashioned and out of date? Because I like the way I am currently revising now.

Posted: 04-04-12 16:23 by Saigo Takormori

How would you do your revision then?

Posted: 04-04-12 16:58 by Saigo Takormori

I revise by re-writing my notes, or any notes on a topic I want to revise i.e. homeostasis in Biology.

Posted: 05-04-12 23:08 by Oliver

I do the same. Especially for English lit where I have reams and reams of handouts and things I've written down in class, I just read through it all and highlight anything I think is important/interesting and then read back through it again and again until I have basically learned it off by heart. My notes for the sciences re quite neat, so basically I do the same with out the highlighting.

Maths is different though, I have to do a past paper, and while I'm going through it write down anything I can't do and then take that list and go through everything on it one by one.

Posted: 10-04-12 12:32 by Sam

Yeah i also write out my notes again. I find that i remember things more easily if i write them down then i read over them as much as possible. I also do a lot of past papers to see the layout of the questions and how they need to be answered. 

Posted: 10-04-12 14:25 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

This is exactly how I revise! Hasn't let me down yet!

Posted: 11-04-12 14:49 by Helena Reid

I tend to like rewriting stuff over and over. Like in primary school we did look-cover-write-check? I do that. I find I remember it, but get a sore hand! haha. And aswell, I find highlighting important things and using colour really beneficial. Revising for my GCSEs at the moment and my room is all colourful with mindmaps :-)

Posted: 11-04-12 17:11 by Katie

I see... But Mindmaps are good though.

Posted: 12-04-12 19:42 by Saigo Takormori

So everyone does the same, I believe

Posted: 12-04-12 19:43 by Saigo Takormori


Posted: 12-04-12 19:43 by Saigo Takormori

I kind of do a bit of all of that but I like to vary it a lot! Past papers I think are great as you can test what you have actually learnt from your revision. A more modern way I have been trailing, that really seems to work, is to use social media, especially in the form of blogging about what i learn in lessons as it means i am constantly going over material that i learn so my writing has improved a lot and I remember facts so much easier as well as forming better synoptic links in my writng - and it seems to help my classmates as well! This is already quite a discursive method but on top of this i have started running live dicussion posts where me and my classmates discussion topics we have encountered in our revision, work through essays together etc and I personally have found this group learning a really big help! I don't think there is really any substitute for going over notes, writing revision notes and doing past papers but discussing and talking about stuff is more interactive, engaging way of learning and teaching other people things really tests how much you know!  Everyone will have a different way of revising as people learn best differently so it is just about finding the way you revise best. Good luck with that!!!

Posted: 12-04-12 22:06 by Vicki The Geography Student