How hard is Additional Mathematics for IGCSE and GCSE?

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Please provide an answer based on exam grades, easiness of the tests, how many tests and how much it will affect your other subjects.


Posted Mon 6th August, 2012 @ 19:28 by Former Member

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If you're planning on doing Maths A level then the course is deffinately worth taking as there's a big step up between GCSE and A level but, the exam is difficult and shouldn't be your main focus as you'll have actual GCSEs to concentrate on. If you do A level then your additional maths grade will be replaced by the A level one anyway but it is one more exam to worry about. If you have a lot of exams it might be worth asking your teacher if you can take the course without sitting the exam. This was an option after GCSE at my school and i can't imagine your teachers will have a problem with it. If you are going to do the exam get the revision guuide early on as this will really help.

Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you decide to do :)

Answered Mon 3rd September, 2012 @ 21:48 by sammy
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I did it for about 3 months at GCSE (i'm going into last year of college right now), i couldn't handle it, if you're going to be doing further maths at A level then it'll help, but i stuck with maths and am having no regrets. Also be prepared to put in the effort

Answered Mon 13th August, 2012 @ 17:35 by Han