How does everyone revise for English?

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I am struggling to find a way to revise the whole of english and I just wondered if anyone had any ideas that I could try.

Posted Fri 20th December, 2013 @ 10:12 by Caitlin Ward

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I completely agree with SophiaECS! Because English is a lot of writing it's important to know the mark scheme so you aren't unnecessarily wasting time writing about something that isn't needed! Which I found quite important as I normally struggle for time.

For my poetry exam we were told to have read each of the poems at least twice and the more times the better, as the ones I read more I certainly remembered more information about. It does take a while revising like that but in the exam when my favourite one I'd read the most was in the question it was a LOT easier for me!

I know many people say you can't revise for English, or maths normally, but it's just practising what you're going to do in the exam, so I'd do as many (or just look through) past papers as possible. This is what I hate doing as I always think what's the point until I've revised it all since how will I be able to do it. But I know my teachers are (probably!) right and they do help :D

Good luck in your exams!!!!

Answered Fri 20th December, 2013 @ 22:35 by Lucy :)
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I took my GCSE's this year and now i'm in year 12 studying both English subjects. English is a hard one to revise because it's mainly based on opinion and there's no set ways of learning things. The thing I found mose useful was revising how to answer questions- so, I learnt what questions were really asking of you, I looked up the mark schemes and exemplar answers to questions and tried to mimic the ways people wrote in exams in my own writing. Basically, for me exam technique was the best way of revising.

Of course, if you have set texts like poetry anthologies, novels or plays then make sure you read them well in advance of the exam. If you can find the time, make sure you read the novel/play you're looking at twice because once you've read a book/play once, the second time you read it, you can understand why the writer put certain bits in the story, just like you do if you see a movie twice. 

My favourite resource for English revision (and a few other subjects liek sciences) was the Free E School youtube channel, he analyses exam answers, questions and techniques. He might not have videos for your certain exam board but it's worth having a look to see if anything comes up:

This might sound kinda stupid but my English teacher told us to think of the exam in this way: You're a plumber, lets say, and you  go into the exam with a toolkit of all your knowledge on how to examine texts; different techniques and ideas, and you apply all your knowledge on the exam.

Sorry for the long answer, I'm kinda putting off revising for my A-level mocks by writing this answer!!

Good luck, hope you do great!

Answered Fri 20th December, 2013 @ 12:14 by SophiaECS
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Thanks - I never thought of it in that way. You should be working on your mocks. They are much more important!

Answered Fri 20th December, 2013 @ 13:09 by Caitlin Ward
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try out the app on the set books by paul gibson (i know he is on the apple app store at least) & its free which is a bonus

Answered Wed 26th February, 2014 @ 19:25 by Rachel.S