How do you write a really good answer to a science chemistry question?

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Posted: 25-01-13 17:13 by halimah

It depends on the type of question...

If it is a question that involves calculations for a lot of marks the best thing to do is first write out what you know from the question then write the calculations you could use for that question (delete the ones that don't relate to what they want you to do). If the calculation they want you to do needs something else first check if you can calculate it using what you have before doing the final calculation. this 2 unknown question shouldnt come up but just in case they have changed since i did GCSE Chem 2 years ago.

If it is a write an experiment question just make sure you say evereything you would do if you were carrying it out yourself. ALWAYS include how you would ensure results are valid and reliable. So ensure no human error, only change one variable to ensure that is what causes result changes for validity. Repeat experiment 3 times take mean, ignore any results which do not follow trend in calculations but note them in evaluation and check for concordant/concurrent (not sure which) results.

If it involves explaining a theory like covalent bonding make sure that you mention the key words like sharing electrons. These are usually where you get QWC -mark for quality of written communication so check your spelling.

Other than that if this doesnt help check the past paper mark schemes and look at the key points and try to write this into a paragraph to help you understand it but just remember you can answer at GCSE Science level in bullet points so if you dont know how to structure your answer but know some points which you think are related bullet point them.

Hope this helps


Posted: 27-01-13 18:56 by Jordan Hagerup