How do YOU Study and REVISE for tests and exams?

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So, I'm having a bit of trouble how to revise. I'm a bit of a procrastinator at times, but once I sit down and start studying, i'm not sure how to remember the information I read- even if I get the general jist of the information.

Any tips or techniques you all use, and would be kind to share?


Posted Mon 16th April, 2012 @ 14:39 by Lily Rose

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My personal favourite way to revise is by making my own revision flashcards. When i was studying GCSE it helped LOADS. You can buy them in the shops or even make them yourself. But as i'm taking A-Levels it seems to be getting harder and harder to start revising. I take English Lit, so for every novel or poem we study i colour coordinate it. I break it down to chunks, trying to avoid writing a paragraph. But if i find my self writing a paragraph i highlight the bits that pretty much sum's up the whole paragraph, like keywords. I have to admit if i were to study a poem, one card wouldn't be enough. My flashcards are a half of A4 paper, but the writing is big, clear and colourful so it's easier to sink in information. I hole punch my flashcards, and on top have coloured card (the specific poem i'm studying will be colour coordinated so, red for example). I then use string to tie them up together, and have myself a reasonable sized notebook. Remember to write down page references as well. Especially if you are doing English Lit. Because in exams you don't want to waste your time flicking through the pages trying to find what you want. (Which is so ANNOYING!) but try and remember key scenes or chapters. That's when flashcards come in handy. Say if you were writing about The Great Gatsby, and focused on the character "Daisy" then beside that i would write pages numbers, where she is mentioned and is most use to you. Anyway... enough of English Lit, you probably not even doing it. But flashcards are pretty much useful for any subject.

What i also found handy is recording myself saying it. Especially Maths. I'm absoloutley terrible at Maths so to remember formulas and stuff. I would literally record myself, clearly saying it, like "To work out the circumference of a circle. 5 second pause Pi x R squared." I felt like a right idiot, but i had my headphones in and listened to when i was in the car, before i went to sleep. And my Maths did improve.

My friend and I for GCSE actually took a Disney song, changed the lyrics completely for our history topic, The Native Americans. AND I still rememeber the lyrics...i ended up passing History. :]

If you are someone who likes to revise in a group. Get your friends to make a Skype account, so you can revise together online. Keep in mind, try not to go of in a tangent. We used to test each other all the time. Now that we are in different colleges, studying different things, i REALLY do miss this alot... Anyway it's good fun and we all managed to learn from each other.

Anyway, these are the only techniques i use. I try to avoid making bullet points, it's okay if it were in class, but when i get home, i highlight them, and break them down and put them in flashcards.

If your a massive procrastinator as i am, try and make yourself a revision timetable, and make sure you don't revise every hour of the day. Try and give yourself enough to revise, and give yourself breaks inbetween. My teachers used to always say to me, that sitting down reading a text book, will not help. You have to be more proactive in revising.

Good Luck with your exams!

Answered Mon 16th April, 2012 @ 15:27 by Tiffany
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for a start you can make a revision timetable with all the subjects that your test is based on: secondly start revising the hard topic first because then you can cover and get them over with. memorise the key terms and write your notes in your own words. you can make flash cards , bullet points its all depend on how you revise. during your test sit down. think positive. when you open your paper and your like.............ummm what are they asking  me to do??? DO NOT PANIC take a deep breath and read the question three times while highliting the key terms. 

oh Good luck in your test..... if you have revised you will be fine: D hope i helped :)

Answered Thu 19th April, 2012 @ 21:12 by Estell
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write questions on post it notes and the answers on the opposite sides. Then stick them around your bedroom or wherever you study! Now whenever you see that post it, try and answer the question and see if you get it right. It's a great way to remember key facts and important things you need to know!

Answered Sun 22nd April, 2012 @ 15:50 by Melissa Antwine
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Answered Thu 19th April, 2012 @ 09:08 by R V P