How do you structure an essay ? OCR economics AS

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I am doing a retake of markets in action and in the exam for the national and international market, how do i structure an essay ?

Posted: 30-04-12 18:05 by Ashna

I use 'DAGES' but I take AS Economics.






Posted: 10-10-12 07:04 by Alex

L1 - Define relevant key terms in relation the question 

L2 - Application - examples or further explanation regarding the question and possible policies to use 

L3 - Analysis - I would say 2 Level 3 arguments explain using economic terminology and then linked back to the question. Must use atleast 1 diagram to explain the effect the policy has on AD/AS or unemployment, inflation, economic growth, balance of payments - Whatever the question is asking you to do. 

L4 - Evaluation - I would say 2 Level 4 arguments, that are related to your previous arguments -  why may it not work? What are the problems/limitations of your previous arguments, why may the policy not go to plan. What does it depend upon?

L4+ - Judgement (conclusion) - Weigh up your arguments - should the government implement the policy or not and why? why have you discarded problems with the policy? give an example of when the policy has worked, or what must be taken into consideration when using the policy?

Structure points coherently throughout the whole essay - start a paragraph stating your argument - explain argument - use diagram to further explain argument - use examples if possible - link back to question!

Posted: 01-12-12 13:42 by Jade

this helped me alot,thanks alot  guys

Posted: 04-01-14 19:53 by ra123