How do you Revise for English GCSE???

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I'm predicted an A - A* in english but I've been getting Cs, I'm in top set and I understand everything in lessons but I still seem to be failing....... Can anyone please give me some advice to get my english grades back on track??? For example how do you revise??? (GCSE Level)

I am studying Of Mice and Men and Kindertransport

Posted Tue 3rd April, 2012 @ 21:22 by Abi
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Ask your teacher for feedback on why you are getting C's and how you can improve it. To revise make spider diagrams of key themes/plots/characters including quotes and ideas about the poems/novels you are studying.

Answered Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 12:00 by Scott
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You may need to work on your essay structure, are you using paragraphs adequately and correct punctuation? Also seeing as how you're predicted A-A* you should try and use sophisticated punctuation in your essays such as semi colons as well as sophisticated language. The way you revise is going over your set text and underline key quotations and make notes on those quotations, you can also research the book and/or play that you're studying and look for things such as context for example the world war and you can use those to impress the examiner. You can then do past paper questions if you like. What books and/or play are you studying?

Answered Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 12:03 by Ian
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I think the best thing ot do is do exam questions related to theboard you are doing and if you are studying a book then read that every night before going to bed. Also one thing i HIGHLY  recomened is to look at your comments on how to improve and ASK your teacher how to improve, that's what she''s there for and she knows your weaknesses

hope it helps

Answered Fri 6th April, 2012 @ 16:57 by lola
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I am studying Of Mice and Men and Kindertransport

Answered Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 12:39 by Abi
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I'm not doing what you're doing, however, write down key aspects that are important (if you're not sure, ask a friend, teacher etc) and keep going over it. Also, find out where you have gone wrong and focus on that aspect. Don't worry though, I'm sure by the time the exam comes, you will do fine. :)

Answered Fri 6th April, 2012 @ 17:16 by Lauren
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Luckily for you I did Of Mice and Men last year for GCSE :)

Answered Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 12:51 by Ian