How do you revise??

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I have tried so many different techniques but nothing seems to work. I must have some kind of unwanted  revision immunity!

I always end up doing something else. T.T i hate revising.

Posted Sat 15th September, 2012 @ 14:01 by blueberrifantom

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  • If you find yourself always doing something else and your mind wonders, that revision technique doesn't work for you. Find a quiet place with no distractions to do your revision in and always do you revision in that place.
  • Make yourself a timetable and stick to it - say to yourself that if you stick to it for a week, you can reward yourself by going out or doing something nice for yourself.
  • Motivate yourself and don't let others distract you, put a sign on your door that you're doing revision or something so you can concentrate.

Try these revision techniques:

  • revision guides
  • summary notes
  • flashcards
  • past papers and questions in books
  • use the internet and websites like this
  • make resources on getrevising yourself
  • make a powerpoint
  • revise with friends
  • lists/bullet points of facts
  • record yourself and listen

Hope this helps you, and remember that once you've done your revision and your exams, then you can just have fun and relax - work towards that and don't give up!

Answered Sat 15th September, 2012 @ 14:49 by Joanne
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  1. review your notes after each lesson to make sure you have understood everything
  2. find out from your teacher what you will be doing next lesson and look over it before hand - this way you will have more understanding of what you're being taught so the lesson will be more beneficial and you will be able to ask about the sections you are unsure on.
  3. Do as many past papers as you can - they don't even have t be from your exam board, just from the topic you are doing. and when done MARK THEM! you can't learn where you have gone wrong or improve your technique if you don't.
  4. do all of the practice questions/ revision / exam questions in your text book/revision guides without looking the answers up - this will test your knowledge and you can look up more detail after completing questions
  5. Repeat, repeat, repeat. everything. past papers, reviewing, making notes. ust to drill it into your head.
  6. it's never too late or early to start. first exams in January, that isn't long off. especially if you want to relax a bit over Christmas and you have a minimum of 2 other subjects to revise for. i'd revise as much as you can now, not in a month, and then continue up to your exams
  7. it's not quantity, it's quality. no point revising at 3am when you're so tired you will forget it all. but try to get in some each day.
  8. Revise in your free periods! don't just sit around doing nothing. if you don't want to revise or your friends are laughing just do your homework and tell them you're busy so can't do it later or that it's overdue!
  9. Another thing i did was a timetable- not of i was going to just revise biology or whatever between a certain time, but that i was going to do a certain number of pages, questions of exam practices so that i had a target to stick to and couldn't try pretend to myself i had revised

So start early and revise hard! don't worry about what your friends are doing, if you think revision is beneficial do it and laugh in august when you  achieve some brilliant results!

Answered Sat 15th September, 2012 @ 15:30 by Alex
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I revise by buying an A4 and dedicating it purely to one subject.

I then put in all the information I need in there, in order on topics so they all flow.

I put the information in flowcharts, diargrams, bright bold pens and highlighters. i try not to put too much information in one page and enlarge my handwriting in order for me to remember.

In addition to this, once ive completed writing about a topic, i make flashcards to match with it.I also don't write on the left page in case I've missed out any significant information which i then add on.

Yes, it's a strange way to revise, but it seems to help me lol

And, besides, everyone revises differently, i guess!

Answered Wed 19th September, 2012 @ 22:00 by Hanananananana (:
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I find that most people revise by making revison cards and using mindmaps, I do this sometimes but not for everything, for me I find it best if I do the following for my subjects:

  • buy revision books and read 2-4 pages each time of each subject
  • make detailed notes from the book in bullet point form
  • read over the notes I just made and highlight key words
  • come on here and make some resources or use some of the resources
  • do some past papers/past questions

make sure you make a revision timetable to organise your revison and try to do at least 45 mins of each subject each day and allow at least 3 months before any exams to revise.

hope this can help. :)

Answered Sat 15th September, 2012 @ 14:25 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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Thanks you guys I'll defo try what you suggested :)

Answered Sun 16th September, 2012 @ 14:53 by blueberrifantom
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Hi hannah

I like revising like that for psychology :D

But when I try to revise for other sciences like that it doesn't work out for me............not so sure why though.

Answered Fri 21st September, 2012 @ 15:40 by blueberrifantom
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Yeah, guess it usually works or subjects where you've just gotta memorise a wole lote information haha

Answered Fri 21st September, 2012 @ 16:41 by Hanananananana (: