How do you make salt crystals in a lab?

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Basically, the questions in the title. My teacher told me that there are 4 main ways (if that helps!)
Thanks x :)

Posted: 09-04-11 21:27 by Hazza

Well we mixed salt with water and then put it in a burning dish thing and then put it over a bunsen burner and let it boil and then left it for about 1 week and there was crystals left in the dish i hope that helps!

Posted: 29-04-11 17:30 by Lizzie Rodulson

sorry, not quite...
I think it was something like
metals + acids --> salt + water
I think there was three others...
thanks anyway. :)

Posted: 30-04-11 00:53 by Hazza

acid + metal --> salt + hydrogen

acid + base (metaloxides or metal hydroxides) --> salt + water

acid + carbonates --> salt + water + carbondioxide

does this help ?

Posted: 30-04-11 16:29 by Pui Pui

yes thanks very much :)

Posted: 01-05-11 21:00 by Hazza