How do you keep up with all your exams!?

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I'm doing terminal GCSEs this June. I have at least 12 exams and I have no idea how I'm going to keep on top of everything. I'm under immense pressure to get very high marks so I can get the target grades I need. It just feels like there's too much to think about!

I've only ever done 6 exams at once maximum :s Does anyone have any advice on how they're doing it or how they've done it before?

I have these exams: English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics, Graphics, French, French, History, Geography, and Statistics

Posted: 12-04-13 19:00 by A

First of all try not to freak out staying calm is important. Second plan your revision make a timetable prioritising what comes first and what you struggle with. Write down what you struggle with for each subjects and use this to revise from. Find different ways of revising; 1hr on a subject then a break is the best way. Make some resources, notes whatever sticks in your head. Try to make your revision fun , it sounds odd but try different crazy ways like I made a dice game to make me learn key terms for history. Have a look round here a lot of people will be doing exactly the same as you. Most importantly make sure you feel confident walking into that exam. Good luck and don't worry!

Posted: 12-04-13 20:05 by tikabuzz

I agree with the above person. I think practise questions are also important, i wish i had done more for my sciences Put stuff on your walls- posters, lists, exam time tables and such and look at them often, thats quick revision that quickly reinforces what you did when you made the poster. Little and often is the trick to revision.  Also you can't revise every hour of the day either have an evening shut off point of like seven or whatever works best then have something to do as a reward for a days revision. I used DVD boxsets as then if you are hooked to the story it makes you want to get the revision done.  Good luck, i bet you'll do great

Posted: 12-04-13 22:06 by James Ellis