how do you gain points??????

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i see at the bottom about the top members of the month and the have x amount of points however how on earth do you get themmm??????

Posted: 03-05-12 12:03 by April napper

Post resources and answer questions, also i think you can get them for rating other sources

Posted: 03-05-12 12:33 by Georgia Sowden

yep, like georgia said.. share resources, help people by answering questions, in some discussions there is a vote up or down on how good /related the comment it that gives you point and rate how useful the resources are ( be honest cause even if u give it a low rating doesnt mean you get less points than if you gave it a high rating)

Posted: 03-05-12 16:26 by ? Secret - Team GR

u cud down vte or up vte on da comments people mke

dtz hw mst of these peeps gt pointz 8D

Posted: 03-05-12 18:28 by Sabah x

ur welcome :D x

faizan rashid wrote:

Cheers Humraya ** thanks for that ** email me on [email protected]

Posted: 03-05-12 20:51 by ? Secret - Team GR

Answer questions, vote for people, share resources, create resources. To find out how many points you have, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and above the 'Childline' logo, there is something saying rewards, click on that to find out!

Hope this helps :D

Posted: 03-05-12 20:57 by Olivia

THanks everybody as you probably realised that im kinds new here :L thank yiu it was a great help but how do you vote for people?????

Posted: 09-05-12 09:23 by April napper