How do you find out an angle with several lines?

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I'm so stuck! Please help me...

Posted Sun 8th April, 2012 @ 14:05 by Margarita

3 Answers

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What sort of lines? Do you mean complementary and supplementary angles, a triangle with two known sides or circle theorems?

Answered Mon 9th April, 2012 @ 18:01 by Maleficent
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Urrm...  The first question is like three lines coming out from one point in the middle and 2 angles have been completed and the last one saids X and we need to find out the X. 

And theres another question on triangle... i cant find exterior and interior of circles and triangles. 


Answered Tue 10th April, 2012 @ 17:38 by Margarita
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For the question with three lines, maybe the two given angles and X add up to 180° because they line on a straight line.

I suspect for the question with the triangle you will have to use the cosine rule.

I can't really help more than this, because your question descriptions are pretty vague.

Answered Tue 10th April, 2012 @ 18:47 by Maleficent