how do you answer 8 mark questions?

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what do you need to include and how much do you need to write and what is the structure of it?

thanks (:

Posted Sat 27th October, 2012 @ 14:06 by qwerty_1

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I assume this is for gcse geography. an 8 marker is usually a case study question. when I answer these I include at least 4 points with examples linking to a case study, but do 6 just to be on the safe side. for these questions you can get upto 6 marks without even mentioning a case study if you describe or explain well. say the question as about describing the effects of a earthquake. your first 4 marks or 2 points could be about short term effects, using examples linking to case study like panic, death etc. then your next 4 marks can be about long term effects such as diseases, fires etc when answering about a case study don't focus your answer on the case study i.e don't just write everything you know about the case study, but use your can study to back up general points about earthquakes for instance. also, include lots of numbers and satistics as examiners look for these first, these show you know your case study and can apply them e.g.g don't just say there were lots of deaths, be specific and say 5000 people died. finally, aim to write about a page for this, but don't worry too much about the length as sometimes you might not need to write that much.hope this helps you, if you want anymore help with this just ask.

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For a Geography 8 Marker you should follow the PEEE paragraph structure. Your point should summarize what your paragraph is about. For evidence you should support you point with facts and statistics from case studies, this will show the examiner that you know the topic . Then for the explain part your should say what effect does the point have e.g Global Warming can lead to loss of habitat and ocean acidification.In order to gain top marks you should evaluate , for instance if the question was " Discuss the threats facing Antarctica? " you should state what you think is the most dangerous threat e.g Global Warming can lead to the extinction of entire species and is therefore a prominent threat.

Answered Thu 20th June, 2019 @ 21:19 by StudiousMe