How do i work out specific charge?! i thought you didn't have to take the electron mass into consideration? HELPPPP!

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i've been working out specific charge by doing (electrons)*1.67x10-19 / (protons+neutrons  * 1.67x10-27)

I thought this was the right way but the answer is different in the marks scheme it looks like that have put accounted for electron mass in the calculations
What am i doing wrong? :S 

Posted Mon 23rd May, 2011 @ 19:51 by Abbey Jarvis

1 Answer

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it depends.....

what do you want to know the specific charge of because sometimes it depends on what you want to know:

  • charge of an element
  • charge in a circuit
Answered Wed 25th May, 2011 @ 18:47 by Aidan Waples