How do I revise sociology?

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I am really confused and i have an exam in around 1 and a half months and i have only taken the course for 3 months. HELP!!!!! I need help!!!

Posted Fri 1st January, 2016 @ 18:44 by AVAMKX

3 Answers

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I find it helpful to create a 'who says what' sheet. Basically, you write the name of the sociologist and bullet point what they say in another column. Its a good way of writing down key information on a single sheet of paper, I find it helps me alot. Can I ask what topics/course you're studying? If I have any recourse I'd be happily to upload them for you. 

Answered Thu 4th February, 2016 @ 17:51 by Niamh12233
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Thank You sooo much this isreally helpful

Answered Thu 4th February, 2016 @ 20:44 by AVAMKX
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Good idea

Answered Sat 18th February, 2017 @ 21:34 by wilkinsondaniel