How do i identify language and presentational features:((

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Ive been doing some past english language papers(AQA)

The first couple of questions are fine, but when it comes to looking and writing the effect of presentational and language feautures i find it hard to spot them.. Help? :) thanks

Posted Mon 6th May, 2013 @ 20:16 by katy

1 Answer

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Presentational features are things such as the title, the pictures and the layout of the text (bullet points, paragraphs, etc) The language is the way the writer linked the presentational features in with the text...

For example...

If the main text was an article about how a tornado hit a town... and the title of the article included the word 'sweep' then you could say that the word 'sweep' is linking into the physical motion of the tornado, which gives the reader an empathetical view on the information.

This would be identifying and explaining the links. You could go a little deeper into the analytical side to the question, but only if you feel comfortable doing so.

Hope this helps :)

Answered Tue 7th May, 2013 @ 20:55 by Charlotte Richardson