How do i get a high grade in gcse english?

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Im doing my Barack Obama controlled assesment and I dont have a clue what to write and I am ment to get at least an A grade its on obamas first inaugural address speech

Posted Sun 7th April, 2013 @ 18:39 by banana

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I have just done this assessment Banana and got 38/40 for it..

I had to compare his inaurgural address and his victory speech. I talked about the language he uses - which is quite formal as he has a big audience and is addressing the whole of the nation and people would have been watching him from all over the world. He would also be wanting to make a good impression of himself as it is his first speech as President of the USA. You can also talk about the amount of pauses he uses - especially at the start as he would have been quite nervous to start with and tense and also anxious to make a good start and he would have also wanted to make sure that he was speaking clearly so that everyone could here what he was saying...

You can also talk about where and when he rasies his voice and how this emphasises what he is saying and also the effect it has on the audience. Have you actually watched his address in school as this is what i did and you can see his body language too which is another point you can talk about.

As i haven't got my actual work in front of me i can't think of any other points i talked about at the moment but i will add them if i remember...

Hope this helps anyway!

Answered Sun 7th April, 2013 @ 19:10 by Cinnamontree97
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Hi there Banana,

I had done the same essay when I was in Year 9, it was my first essay. I'm sure your teacher have given the Essay question for you to answer, do not hesistate while answering it. Make sure you thoroughly plan out on what you will be writing on each paragraph as this will support you further.

As I done this Essay you would obviously need quotations from Barack Obama, so I had everything planned from before on what quotes I would be using. Also you should be aware of the quotes that you will be using and you need to write down the way Barack Obama has presented it. Always explain the obvious. You should talk about the tone, posture and eye contact.

Good Luck, hope what I have suggested will help you!

Answered Sun 7th April, 2013 @ 22:44 by Fahima Akhtar