How do biogas generators work and what are the products??????

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Posted: 18-05-11 17:50 by Penny Eaton

Biogas generators produce biogas (mainly methane). There are 2 types of biogas generator. A batch generator and a continuous generator (hopefully you know what this means, but just in case, a continuous generator does all the processes at the same time whilst batch generators do the processes in stages). Basically, waste (such as manure) is fed into a biogas generator and is heated. Biogas is siphoned off and the rest of the waste flows out of the generator. Continuous generators produce a steady rate of biogas and have to be refilled constantly, whereas batch generators do not have to be filled so often, do not produce a steady rate of biogas and have to be cleaned after each use. Continuous generators are better for large scale industries. 

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Posted: 18-05-11 18:36 by M

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Posted: 18-05-11 21:00 by Penny Eaton

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Posted: 18-05-11 21:01 by Akash Trivedi