How did you find the AQA Unit 2 Geography exam today?

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I thought it was okay and not okay. /: 

Posted: 18-06-12 11:24 by Iqra H

I thought it was better than physical. I did Changing Urban Environments, The Development Gap and Tourism. What about you?

Posted: 18-06-12 11:41 by Dilly

I did tourism, change in urban environments and population change. I found it okay -- so glad it is over though! The map name got me i had no idea, we werent taught it so i had to guess. But overall it wasn't that hard and i got it all done lol!

Hope everyone did well **

Posted: 18-06-12 11:42 by Lizzie..

Lizzie.. i found the map name hard too, so I guessed.. apparently the answer was chloropleth

i did population, globalisation and tourism.. it was alright altogether - better than paper 1 i thought, but i thought there were some really hard bits

Posted: 18-06-12 11:46 by Né M

i put the tele one :/. Oh well it was only like 1 mark?

Posted: 18-06-12 12:44 by Lizzie..

I did changing urban environments, tourism and population change.. everything went okay. Never seen the diagram/model showing differnt stages in tourism before???? had to guess that one. Almost missed out the last page as well!!!

Hope you all got great marks!

Posted: 18-06-12 14:20 by LippytheGreat

I thought it went mostly well, I did population urban and development. I was glad there was a question on the one child policy and questions about sustainable cities and aid projects. But i had no idea on the map name thing, so i just guessed.

Posted: 18-06-12 14:59 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR