how did you do yesterday?

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The higher tier got Quickdraw and Praise Song. I chose Praise Song, and although it was an easy one I could really explore in that and Harmonium-I'm a bit boring; I prefer similarities rather than differences but I then pick out the smallest of difference -.-.

So yeah, I did "water to me" and "Go to your wide futures, you said", and "but...still struck a chord" and "too starved of breath to make itself heard." in the 4 ALAALs I think I did okay but the conclusion let me down.

I didn't do so well on the unseen, though sigh.

foundation got THCM and Ghazal right?

so how did you guys do? unless it's one of those exams you don't want to think about at all...:/

Posted: 25-05-12 21:10 by EstherTheBunny

unseen was great! I think I did better on that :)

Posted: 26-05-12 21:24 by Axe Man

what did you write about?

I wrote loads on the sky quote near the end of the poem, about how the kid's youth & innocence shattered and what they thought they knew (like the sky being blue) they weren't so certain anymore. I could have organised it a bit better, though.

Posted: 27-05-12 12:39 by EstherTheBunny