how did everyone think english language went?

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afta tmorrow 4 =D

it jus neva ends!!!

Posted: 29-05-12 19:00 by Sabah x

ha ha XD well soon it will be just a long summer...aaaaaaahhh...the blissful times await...patience... (it better come soon xD) :P

Posted: 29-05-12 19:02 by Namita

ik *** wait 4 exams 2 be ova nd 4 prom 2 cum den i cn chill =D

Posted: 29-05-12 19:09 by Sabah x

i have prom...and a brighton trip! i cant wait for these!! oh and leavers assembly as well xD

summer...summer...summer :P ;)

Posted: 29-05-12 19:10 by Namita

yeah *** wait =D

Posted: 29-05-12 21:19 by Sabah x

hey im really worried, i didnt do the best! **

Posted: 29-05-12 21:20 by aliceturner

itz olright no point worryin nw jus 4gt bout it =D

Posted: 29-05-12 21:21 by Sabah x

yeah, s'pose i can't change it now!x

Posted: 29-05-12 21:23 by aliceturner

ik soo lyk chillax dude =D

Posted: 29-05-12 21:24 by Sabah x

Al...Sabah is cant do anything now...neither of us can -shrugs- just concentrate on the coming up exams and try ur best in them... xD

Posted: 30-05-12 10:00 by Namita

innit =D

Posted: 30-05-12 11:04 by Sabah x

Lamise Hassan wrote:

1rh 12 mins??? what!! i had 2 mins! it was o-kaay..lit was better

 funny thing is i'm supposed to get extra time in english

Posted: 30-05-12 16:27 by Nathan

extra time?

Posted: 30-05-12 16:41 by Lamise Hassan