How did everyone find the History exam today?

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How did everyone find the History exam today?

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Posted: 15-06-12 17:06 by Cheryl_285

Did you do the history OCR British depth study exam today?

Posted: 15-06-12 17:25 by Joanne

I did the paper on flemming and apart from one or two sorces like source E I found it generally ok. For me paper 1 was easier.

Posted: 15-06-12 17:40 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I flopped it so bad. I should have revised more but my friend came round I was distracted all day. Don't worry though I'll ace maths and science and get my 5 A-Bs

Posted: 15-06-12 17:41 by Blitzcrank

Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch i did the same

Posted: 15-06-12 17:47 by aliimz

It was on the Liberals! Now, I couldn't have asked for better to be honest, I loved the exam. I am not sure I had enough time for the last 12 mark question, but overall I did well.

Posted: 15-06-12 17:49 by Frazer Bennett Wilford

What did anyone doing Penicillin write for that magazine cover thing? And did everyone have too little to write for everything, or was that just me, I had 3 pages of my answer booklet left :( 

Posted: 15-06-12 18:59 by Me :D

hey Me i hated that one too but i had enough to right 

in the background there were milk bottles- that was florey and chains work

Posted: 15-06-12 19:04 by aliimz

those were milk bottles?? i thought it was bacteria lol :$ and the last question, how much did you write? because it was like 10 marks but there wasnt much to say?

Posted: 15-06-12 19:06 by Me :D

just compare with other sources talk about Florey, chain, penicillin was chance not scientific

but then say he discovered so no development could be made without him link with other sources and say more points then make conclusion

Posted: 15-06-12 19:08 by aliimz

Oh.. then ive messed that one up :L oh well :P well done though! hope you get a good grade :D

Posted: 15-06-12 19:10 by Me :D

thnx u to wat did u do bbe im sure u did it right

Posted: 15-06-12 19:12 by aliimz

thnx u to wat did u do bbe im sure u did it right

Posted: 15-06-12 19:12 by aliimz

erm yeahh ill probably get a C or B or something if im lucky, but its cool, i never liked History anyway xD 

Posted: 15-06-12 19:14 by Me :D

youll hopefully an A

Posted: 15-06-12 19:16 by aliimz

Haha awwh thanks :P

Posted: 15-06-12 19:17 by Me :D

no probz bbe everyone deserves at least one good grade

Posted: 15-06-12 19:17 by aliimz

:D yup, well if you lose out on one subject, theres like 10 others you can hope for so its all good :P

Posted: 15-06-12 19:20 by Me :D

hahaha yeah lets hope 4 da best

Posted: 15-06-12 19:21 by aliimz

Im sure you'll ace your exams! But good luck anyway :)

Posted: 15-06-12 19:23 by Me :D

i had my american west one today, i have to say it was pretty awesome!! the questions were simple and i think i did alright!....yay!

Posted: 15-06-12 23:41 by SweetPain_07

I did the penicillin exam too! I thought it went really well except I didn't finish the last question! D; Hopefully I picked up nearly full marks on every other one though!

Bet you all did fab! xxxx

Posted: 16-06-12 13:32 by deehammond

Did anyone do the Edexcel History B?

Posted: 17-06-12 16:18 by Cheryl_285