How did everyone find the English Language AQA Exam today!!

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It wasn't too bad, but i didn't get to finish all of question 5.

Posted: 29-05-12 14:46 by Dee Dee

I didn't like section B, it was all very vague but I finished with a minute to spare and hope i've done okay. I hope everyone gets the grade they want. This is the third english language exam i've done.

Posted: 29-05-12 15:56 by alex colton

the reading part was alright i thought, but the writing was hard.. i wrote more for the shorter task than the longer one/:

Posted: 29-05-12 16:13 by Lauren

I found it okay, does anyone know the grade boundaries for previous papers??

Posted: 29-05-12 16:34 by Miss-know-it-all <3

yeah same, the last part was so hard! i hate creative writing, i always end up wirting a story! my 3rd too! happy there over!

Posted: 29-05-12 16:46 by Libby

i thought the last part was good was good but very happy its over

Posted: 29-05-12 18:25 by kate