How did everyone find the Edexcel AS level Chemistry exam, Jan 2013?

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What did you guys think of it?

Posted: 10-01-13 14:04 by Littlebird2596

I found it hard.

By the way you might not want to write about the exam content because people in other countries haven't sat the exam yet and it would be unfair to give them knowledge of the exam content. If you look on the general discussions and find the very last page it tells you that you're not meant to discuss exam content. 

I don't want to seem rude by the way.

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Posted: 10-01-13 14:52 by Tilly - Team GR

I found a couple of questions particularly difficult, and I was re-taking. I thought the born-haber cycle difficult and the free radical one where you had to draw where the electrons were going. I think the grade boundaries will be quite low, so hopefully we did well :)

Posted: 11-01-13 17:05 by Molly

Fingers crossed.

Posted: 11-01-13 17:32 by Tilly - Team GR