How did everyone find the AQA B3 exam today?

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for that milligrams one i put 3.2 :/ fudge

Posted: 20-05-11 09:41 by Georgina


I set my B3 exam yesterday too.

I found the first questions okay but i couldn't believe the last question it was way to hard. I spoke to my biology teacher today an i expalined the question to her and she said that it wasn't in the specimen and that it is a level biology. Lets hope AQA finally realise the last question was too hard and lower the grade boundaries.

Posted: 20-05-11 20:51 by Mittal Bharadwa

Kavita :) wrote:

i found it okai, last couple questions were hard :/

 **** i sucked your ***** so it ws easy *** ahaha

Posted: 29-12-11 15:27 by sunny