How did everyone find OCR History Medicine Through Time and Germany today?

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How did you find the questions and what was your overall feeling on the paper?

I wasn't ready for the Anglo-Saxon question and I think I did rubbish!

Posted: 12-06-12 20:24 by deehammond

I actually thought it was okay :L dont want to jinx it though xD i had britain 1815-1851 for the second bit, and it was pretty hard.. but was that death dispensary question about the spread of cholera? :S

Posted: 12-06-12 21:47 by Me :D

Oh okay, just me who failed! Hahaha, oh how was it? I put choleraa! ;D

Posted: 12-06-12 21:56 by deehammond

I doubt you failed! sometimes i find things okay.. but get a really bad grade :L and yay, i thought "this could either be really right or really wrong" xD and what did you write about the quack doctor? there wasnt really much to write :S

Posted: 13-06-12 16:43 by Me :D

Oh and the Britain one was okay, but im not sure what ill get because i didnt have much to put down :S how about you?

Posted: 13-06-12 16:45 by Me :D

was that the plague person? people were telling me he was the plague doctor not the quack on? I don't even know, can't be bothered anymore seeing as I messed up so much!

Posted: 13-06-12 17:31 by deehammond

oh ****, really? :S daaaaaamn. and aww dont give up! got the sources exam to go :P im sure you'll do great dude, if youve done bad, theres no hope for any of us :P just work hard, its all gonna be over soon enough :)

Posted: 13-06-12 18:02 by Me :D

hey I had this paper too, found it so hard! i liked some of the sources we had though, that 'death dispensary' was about Cholera I had it cleared up for me today, and yes I was confused at weather that was a QUACK doctor or the precautions they took to not get plague, like they understood it was spread between person? Anyone know what it actually was? :)

Posted: 13-06-12 19:01 by Hannah

I thought Quack doctors wore it to protect themselves from the plague :s GAAAHH :L

Posted: 13-06-12 19:46 by Me :D

I thought it went ok for me, some of the source questions were a bit hard, but I think the plague source was a plague doctor, I just wrote about how the beak he wore was filled with herbs to keep out the miasmas and how he covered his whole body as they thought you could catch the plague by touching a victim.

Posted: 13-06-12 20:15 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

waaaaaaaaa was i da only person who said he was a priest cuz of its robes- said bout miasmas, sin marshy areas

Posted: 14-06-12 09:37 by aliimz

^ you'd probably get marks for saying the miasma stuff, i totally forgot about the beak and herbs thing :S btw, what was the parish bit about in the death dispensary thing?

Posted: 14-06-12 10:39 by Me :D

I was just looking for something else and I found the death dispensary question in a past paper, and i looked at the mark scheme and it says you have to explain the work of John Snow and talk about how Pasteurs germ theory had just been discovered.. So if youve done that, congrats :P

Posted: 14-06-12 14:59 by Me :D