How can you tell if something is in Sonata Form?

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Posted Wed 9th January, 2013 @ 21:40 by Shannon Murray

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Sonata form is a bit like a complicated ABA form:




It is usually used in classical music and goes on for while so you probably won't get tested on it but I'd learn it anyway!

Answered Sat 12th January, 2013 @ 14:46 by Hannah
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If it's just by listening then like Hannah's comment you just have to listen for eg a change of key (most likely then a development section) and for the return of the first bit you heard :)

Answered Fri 24th May, 2013 @ 21:37 by Lucy :)
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Also the piece will most likely be based around 1 or 2 main subjects, meaning 'melodies/ harmony' (i.e 1st Subject, 2nd Subject)

The Exposition, will probably introduce all your subjects

The the development, is pretty self- explanatory, will develop one or each of the subjects a bit further, by adding variation (E.g Modulation, range in dynamics, texture, etc.)

And the Recapitulation, from my experience with sonata form, will go back to your initial subject/ subjects. Ending with a coda/ codetta

Answered Sun 3rd November, 2013 @ 01:40 by Jennifer Silva - Team GR